Benefits of dating an older man

Benefits of dating an older man - 9 reasons to do it at least once

In this generation there is nothing better than a mature partner means mature relationship with a man who is a bit older.

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You have to admit, an older man has a unique attraction that younger people do not have. Unlike younger men, who are all in the excitement and thrill of dating, the older man takes a slower, but better-thought-out approach. He does not promote you with free drinks in the city's hottest bar. Instead, he leads you into a rustic little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a quartet playing in the background.

When you reach a point where you think all the boys of your age have nothing to offer, maybe you can focus on someone who is more sophisticated and definitely more mature. It would be a refreshing change from all those human children who are still walking around and do not know what to do with their lives.

Why should you date an older man?

Need a bit more persuasion for dating an older man? Here are some of the reasons why an older man can do something for you which are really good.

Dating an older man # 1: He is safer

 It's a fact that the older man’s career ladder is much higher than the guys of your age. He can even be the boss of his own company. This means that he has no problem when it comes to money. But apart from money, he is also safer when it comes to his feelings.

He is well beyond the days of ruthless abandonment and wavering emotions. Instead, he is at the point where he is surer of what he feels about himself and life in general. That means you have no more episodes of "I'm not sure I like you-but I want you around." No, the older man will simply say what he feels.

Dating an older man # 2:He has learned from his previous relationships 

Depending on how much older your older man is, he has already made a good part of his dating experience on his belt. He already knows that different women have different quirks.

Some women may be louder, more emotional, more tolerant, more relaxed, or more sexual than others. He accepts this, and that helps shape his dating philosophy. What that means to you is that he can better understand how you are ticking.

Dating an older man # 3: He knows more about sex.

Elder often means wiser, and wiser means he has some tricks up his sleeve, right? He's in front of you, so he probably has some high-level moves you've never heard of before. And since he's not up to date with the latest trends in getting upset than what the younger guys would read from their men's magazines, you might be surprised he has some old school movements you never thought .

By the way, what if he needs a little pharmaceutical help to catch you? It just means he's ready to go all in just to satisfy you!

Dating an older man # 4: He is more patient with you.

Your older guy probably had someone of your age dating the day. He knows the mood swings and sudden impulses of twenty women. That means he already has an idea of what to expect from you. And unlike a younger man who fights with you for your little quirks, the older man knows when to retire and just give you some space.

Dating an older man # 5: He knows how he gets what he wants.

He has been through more years of life than you. He had more disappointments and failures in life. In all the times he has failed, he knows how he managed to get back up and get what he wants. With younger people, they may not be sure how to get something or someone they want. Maybe they are not so sure what they want. But older men have years to test his technique.

Do not take that to mean that he would be manipulative. I do not say that. I say that an older man has more knowledge when it comes to the different means of getting what he wants.

For example, he may know it simply will not work if he just apologizes for arguing with you. But from his experience, he knows that women like you can be courted by an object that reflects your interests, like a rare book or a record. As soon as he hands this over to you as a peace offer, he knows the chances are for him that you forgive him.

Dating an older man # 6: He is not overly emotional or jealous.

Remember how I started with the list the fact that most older men are safer in themselves? That's because we know there were other women who fell in love with him and stroked his ego. What he needs now is not someone caressing his ego, but someone whose company he can enjoy.

That is why he is not too jealous. He's sure of the fact that you should like him for what he is, and not just a threadbare cause that disappears from the window as soon as a hot guy passes by. He knows he's more established than any hot young man who might catch your eye, so he does not feel the need to be threatened by them.

Dating an older man # 7:He is more cultured.

While you're younger in the latest heavy metal band or the coolest hip-hop dance moves, you can engage in dating, the taste of the older man is considered more timeless. I do not want to say that he got stuck in the past or something. I just want to say that he likes to be in things that have survived the time and are still refined.

For example, the older man would be more into art, celebrated cinematic masterpieces and music Even the younger generation can still enjoy today. He has more years than you to refine his taste, and he has refined it.

Dating an older man # 8: He tends to communicate better.

 He does not want to waste time deciphering cryptic texts and emoticons like reading hieroglyphs. If he wants to say something, he says it as clearly as possible. He would also expect you to do the same. In a sense, he is less inclined to encourage you to communicate in a way that is open to misunderstanding.

Take the example of a shared conversation between two people who are not dating. You would probably say things like, "I'll call you”?? Or "Let's play it by ear." With an older man he wants to get rid of the ambiguity and just say what's bothering him: "I'll call you tonight”?? Or "I want us to have dinner next week.”?? Would not that be a refreshing change from all the shaky mixed messages other people send?

Dating an older man # 9: He could calm down.

This is great news for the women who are tired of dating, and just want safety and stability with a man they like. Older men can be tired of the dating game. He does not look for the next litter to keep his bed warm for a few days. He is looking for someone with whom he can share his whole life. A man can only go so far without a loving woman by his side.

Although the age gap seems like a magnet for anger, the risk of having an elderly, mature man can open your eyes to new perspectives. Try it and see how it works for you.

so these are the 9 points of benefits of dating an older man.Hope this article will help you in life.